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Submission Masters

SUBMISSION MASTERS is a series of tournaments held several times a year in Munich (Munich Fightclub).

A distinction is made between Beginners and Advanced.

At the SMG, the grapplers fight in 7 weight classes.

Experts fight in an open class.

​ What is the system used for fighting in SUBMISSION MASTERS?

​ At the SMG, dueling on submission only is based on the knockout system. The fight duration is 5 minutes.


If the 5 minutes end without a submission, the fight will be  decided by the Referee (the more active competitor wins).


If there are an odd number of participants, such as 5, 7 or 11, one of the participants will be selected at random and this will come

continue automatically. In the final, everyone fights against everyone else. There will be a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd place.


The finalists receive a medal. 1st place will also receive a Submission Masters Hoodie and Cappy.


​Toenails and fingernails must be trimmed BEFORE ENTERING the competitions. 


The fighter wears grappling-compliant clothing and dueling shirtless is only allowed if the opponent clearly expresses his consent. Otherwise rash guard duty.


Forbidden Techniques:

  • Punching and kicking techniques

  • Scratching, biting, pinching, finger sticks, ear or hair pulling

  • Grasping the genital area and the larynx hands, knees or elbows on the face

  • Finger and Toe Levers

  • "Slam" the one in the guard onto the mat surface

  • neck lever (rotated)

  • Choking with fingers on the larynx (“closing the windpipe”)

  • Uncontrolled actions, jerky execution of choke or leverage techniques (do not give the opponent the opportunity to give up.)                                

  • All throws on  affecting or burdening the head or neck part

Allowed techniques:

 All common throws and takedowns that do not involve throwing the opponent on their neck or head

  • All leg and foot levers (also heel hook)

  • Arm and wrist levers

  • choking techniques

who is a beginner
Beginners are athletes with up to 2 years of active combat experience in jiu-jitsu, grappling, wrestling, judo and luta livre or white belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Who is Advanced
Advanced Fighters are athletes with more than 2 years of active combat experience. Blue and Purple Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Who is Expert

Expert Fighters are athletes with a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

​If the judges recognize during the tournament that a participant has registered in the wrong category, the participant will be disqualified. The jurors have the right to vote in order to create fair conditions for all contestants.



At a glance


​- 65kg


- 70kg


- 75kg


- 80kg


- 85kg

- 90kg

- +95kg



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